Architectural Metals guides you during your metal creativity journey through constructive thinking based on our experience with unique metal parts.

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Inspired by our passion for metal, we are committed to being a producer of metal creativity, offering creative minds the opportunity to put a unique signature on their artistic projects.

Stéphane Verhoestraete
– ceo metalen verhoestraete

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About us

With over a century of experience in the metal industry, we at Verhoestraete have an unparalleled passion for metal. Knowing the amazing properties and endless possibilities metal offers, we decided to embark on a new adventure, Architectural Metals (AM). Through AM, we use our long-standing expertise to give the creative sector a boost and offer bespoke creations to bring artists’ visions to life.

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Our close collaboration with customers over the years has inspired us to step into the world of architecture, helping to bring innovative metal designs to life. And so, we are proud to introduce Architectural Metals.

We offer architects, designers and artists a flexible array of custom-made products to meet a wide range of creative needs, as well as the know-how that comes from decades of working with metal. Bring us your wildest dreams, and we will show you what is possible.

At Architectural Metals, you will find a plethora of metals, in multiple shapes and sizes, with all kinds of finishes. We offer not only the usual metals, but also less commonly used metals, such as copper, pre-anodized aluminium, or brass, so you always find the structural specifications and artistic look you are going for. We offer both 2D and 3D shaping options, at various scales. What about a laser-cut piece measuring 12 x 3 metres, or a bend up to 9 metres long? That way, you can dream big, and we can help do the heavy lifting. Last but not least, we have a wide range of surface treatments. These include classical finishes, as well as artisanal finishes, like centreless grinding or chemical treatments. With the range of products Architectural Metals has to offer, your creation is sure to stand out.

We can deliver metal parts, a partially assembled whole or a fully assembled finished product upon request, with the help of our select, trusted partners. We are ready and willing to work with you throughout the process, so that your design shines.

We are ready and willing to work with you throughout the process, so that your design shines. Upon request with the help of our select, trusted partners, we can deliver:

  • metal parts;

  • a partially assembled whole;

  • or a fully assembled finished product.

Our recipe contains 4 main ingredients: any metal, any size, any shape and any surface.

Our craftsmen can forge your unique creation to suit your specific style and look.


The more we conferred with creative minds, the more we sensed that something was missing. A fourth dimension that, while seldom addressed specifically in the metals market, can boost a creation to a whole new level: texture.

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It all starts with understanding the clients’ needs.”

Inside the beating heart of Verhoestraete

  • Independent family-owned company in Roeselare
  • Producer of metal creativity
  • Fourth generation with 109 years of experience
  • 25,000 m2 of production space
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Verhoestraete’s core business has revolved around supplying metal parts for decades now. Metal is part of our DNA, but so is outstanding customised service. So, we’re more than just a metal parts supplier. Once a request comes in, our experts are on hand to advise on the best material for the job, determine the dimensions, conduct a risk analysis and plan accordingly.

Each order is drawn up digitally, and once any necessary adjustments have been made, the order is automatically sent to the various production machines. The production process is then overseen by expert craftsmen. All parts are given identifiers, for easy assembly, then sorted to ensure that the parts the clients receive are of the quality requested. Depending on the client’s needs, we can deliver loose parts, or we can work together for a complete solution. While this streamlined process is greatly aided by the state-of-the-art digital tools available to us, naturally some things cannot be done automatically, and this is where our wealth of human capital really proves its worth.

Consider, for example, sheets of metal 8 metres long that need to be bended. In this case, the manipulation of parts between steps in the production process has more of an impact than the folding itself. Or an even more complicated example: rolling a spiral staircase. This process isn’t guided by computer programs, but by the operator’s own instincts. This is where our seasoned experts really shine.

Metal is strong, versatile and even eco-friendly. But all too often, it remains hidden in today’s architectural designs. We want to change that.


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